Henry Glass - Glass Interior Doors

Henry Glass has combination authentic materials, such as glass, aluminum and wood. Henry Glass uses natural elements that are recyclable and then used back into production, always taking our environment into consideration.

Every Henry Glass door is very unique with sophisticated design. Henry Glass allows the customer to make their own personalized choices with original accessories that are offered, along with a variety of exclusive technical system and frames along with decorations and multiple coolers to give great value to ones creativity.

Seccose - Steel Interior Doors

Steel is the noble of all alloys. Strong, eternal, beautiful, its characteristic resilience has allowed Seccose, specialist in steel design, to create architectural sliding structures with glass along with interior doors that interact with indoor spaces. Seccose products are available in three different metals: stainless steel, corten steel, burnished brass for a sophisticated, traditional finish.

Ghizzi & Benatti- Wood Interior Doors

Ghizzi & Benatti has been building interior doors with an exclusive and personal design, placing great emphasis on style and attention to details.

This results in inimitable products that express the authentic world-wide recognized Italian lifestyle thanks to which "Made in Italy" has become synonymous with the highest quality. A quality that is represented in Ghizzi & Benatti doors by real natural wood veneer softly rounded solid wood edges, satin-look varnishing and impeccable lacquering.


IDoor is the first armored door for indoors which combines aesthetic and functional requirements of interior design. It is available in the flush with wall version and in the coplanar version; its components are highly versatile in terms of colors, materials for the coverings and finishing.

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