Synua - Pivot Doors

Synua pivot doors combine luxury and security for large openings. Synua has a high level of customization, based on a constructive system that makes it possible to obtain the maximum modularity level of the panels. The interior steel frame can be clad in a variety of finishes including limed and wenge' oak, brushed black larch, natural teak, glass, stainless steel, lacquered wood and the innovative laminan.

Tekno - Hinged Doors

With customizable horizontal sections, Tekno is a fusion of innovation and technology which perfectly fits the modern architect's planning. Tekno is a front door which goes beyond armored; it is a high performing structure and has a dedicated range of coverings in horizontal sections and accessories. It is an exclusive product for interior design projects, with trend colors and materials.

Vela - Sliding Entry Doors

The first front entry sliding door. Vela combines technical performance with a design concept and elegant appearance. Easily recognizable from its vertical sectors and its height which can reach up to the ceiling, Vela allows a full use of space and to have a sliding room divider which is covered with the same precious materials as the walls.

Evolution - Custom Entry Doors

Evolution has the widest product range, which allows Oikos to accommodate any requirement for customization in terms of shape, size and materials. Evolution ranges from the very simple door, the Standard, to the bigger structure not standard, also made according to a customer's drawing. The creative ideas of architects and designers are examined and studied to be able to turn them into products and offer an infinite number of covering combinations in various types of wood, with artistic glass inserts and mirrors. Evolution expresses all Oikos' skills to customize products and it's truly craftsman spirit. The coverings are all produced in the factory and they represent a very high added value to Oikos' products as they complete the range with unique possibility of high quality.

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